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The virtual tour allows you to enter from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento to the interior of the monument. After passing the door of the Museum, you can walk through the Corridor of History, which leads into a large room seven meters high, Room 1. The room serves as an extraordinary setting for the exhibition of the elements that make up the monumental architecture of the theatre, different information points are incorporated into the tour.

Through an escalator, you reach the second room, Room 2, in its virtual tour you can view a good number of works in 3D format.

Room 2 connects with the Archaeological Corridor, where through the visualization of a video the superposition of cultures on the theater site will be understood. The virtual tour leads us to the end of the tour inside the monument, the Roman Theatre.

In the virtual visit, different resources are available from information points marked with red circles, to audio points, marked in yellow. It also has a selection of 3D pieces on its journey through the Sketchfab platform, marked with circles in blue, and the audiovisuals in purple.

Enlace a Matterport Visita 360º

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