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History of the institution

July 1996

Signing of a cooperation agreement between the City of Cartagena, Region of Murcia and Cajamurcia Foundation for the full recovery of the Roman Theater and the creation of its Mvseo.

The Directorate General of Culture of the CARM opened the record of Cultural Interest with the Monument category in favor of the Roman Theater in Cartagena. Finally declared on January 21, by Decree 4/1999 (BORM No. 24, 01.30.1999 of).

May 2002

Writing the first museological plan where the main pillars of the museum script, the list of emblematic pieces associated with his speech, and equipment of the new Mvseo Theater was collected.

July 2002

Presentation by Rafael Moneo team, the basic design of Mvseo the Roman Theater and the comprehensive restoration project of the monument and its surroundings.

July 2004

Presentation of project execution Mvseo the Roman Theater.

2004: Maqueta del Proyecto de ejecución. Rafael Moneo

February 2005

The first stone is placed Mvseo

July 2005

Museológico project.

2005: Proyecto Museográfico Jesús Moreno y asociados

December 2005

Museográfico Project award. From that date, it is built both the work of Mvseo as drafting the basic design and implementation of Museográfico. From a formal point of view, the work process has sought intervention museográfica not be read as an element superimposed on the building, seeking an understanding between them.

February 2008

On February 12 the Council of the CARM Museum recognizes the Mvseo the Roman Theater as a new museum facility integrated into the Regional Museum System of the Region of Murcia.

On February 29 the Directorate General of Culture decides that the deposit of archaeological materials from the excavations of the Roman Theater of Cartagena is made in the Mvseo the Roman Theater, for preservation and display.

Febrero de 2008: Reconocimiento del Museo e inicio del montaje expositivo

11 July 2008

Inauguration of Mvseo and Roman Theater of Cartagena.

11 de julio de 2008, Inauguración del Museo y Teatro Romano

August 2008

Creation of the Center for the Study of Architecture Romana del CARM, attached to Mvseo the Roman Theater.

11 de julio de 2008, Inauguración del Museo y Teatro Romano
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