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Video Gallery

Through video gallery you can visit the Mvseo, its rooms and internal equipment, as well as a tour of the monument itself. In addition, you can view in the gallery the most outstanding pieces of Mvseo, and cultural offerings of our city in the Night of Museums.

Video Augusto Capite Velato

Augusto Capite Velato

Video Capitals of the Roman Theater

Capitals of the Roman Theater

Video Altars Roman Theater

Altars Roman Theater

Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena.

Roman cities I

The Roman Theater in Cartagena in the documentary series "Roman Engineering", chapter "I Roman Cities" . The documentary showed how Rome became the model for other cities of the empire.

The first chapter focuses on the ancient Tarraco, a city of average size but important administrative matters , to understand how to plan, structure and build a Roman city, but to know one of the great buildings show was the example Theater from Cartagena.

Roman cities I

Night of Museums - The Roman Theater in Cartagena

Night of Museums is the resounding response from Cartagena to the call to celebrate the European Night of Museums sponsored by the Council of Europe and, since 2009, also by UNESCO , which runs parallel to the events commemorating ICOM (International Council of Museums) within the International Museum Day that year EL18 May (this year under the theme "Museums and Memory") has been held since 1977.

the night of young volunteers . In this video, the group LURDOSCOPÍA seeks to establish close cooperation that made the young volunteers during the development of the Fourth Edition of "The Night of Museums", on May 19, 2012, and highlights the role and illusion played cartagenera an essential tool for youth in the city night.

Video Night of Museums 2012

Night of Museums 2012

Video Night of Museums 2011

Night of Museums 2011

Video Night of Museums 2010

Night of Museums 2010

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