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Exposiciones temporales

LVX PETRAE II by Díaz Burgos

  • 18/05/2024 - 18/11/2024

The Roman Theater has been the central and inspiring piece of Lux Petrae II, its discovery, excavation and recovery was one of the challenges of greatest scope and impact not only for the city but also for recent archaeology. The monument is now once again a living element two millennia later by the hand of Díaz Burgos, who has portrayed it with his renowned ability to locate what is human and everyday in any landscape, to convert the exotic into something almost domestic. . That is why we wanted to once again rescue it from our funds to show an extraordinary work by Díaz Burgos.

In the tour of the exhibition through the photographs we will witness daily life in the Museum; The exhibited pieces, the ancient stones of the Roman theater, the Moneo building or the people who visit it intermingle in its images in pleasant harmony. The photographs of Díaz Burgos in Lvx Petrae are not only snapshots of great artistic quality but also become graphic documents of a reality that reflects to what extent the monument has become an essential element of identity of Roman Cartagena, visited by thousands of people, people of all kinds, travelers of all nationalities and all ages.

Accompanying the photographs is a sample of his work tools over many years; a precious selection of his photographic cameras from the one the Three Wise Men brought him when he was twelve years old to more recent ones, as well as a sample of some of his catalogs created with great passion for the artist.

Díaz Burgos, patiently and on the lookout with his camera, has waited for the appropriate light, the image that speaks, the situations that occur; the cat, the girl, the Roman, the Carthaginian, the English, the tattooed woman, the lights and shadows of our Mediterranean sun on the stones of the theater. In short, his unmistakable look at the Living History of a monument that has been returned to society for his enjoyment, and that in a few years has become his hallmark.

Temporary Exhibition Hall of the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena
Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 9
30201 Cartagena, Murcia (Spain)
Telephone: (+34) 968 504 802

Fundación Teatro Romano de Cartagena:
City Hall of Cartagena
Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia
Caja Murcia Foundation

Iberdrola Foundation collaborates

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