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  • 21/06/2021 - 10/01/2022

Pedro Cano presents in this exhibition a journey across the Mediterranean from Theater to Theater, with his watercolors and travel notebooks he immerses us in our classical heritage. A journey that takes us to those inspiring architectures for the artist, from Greek theaters such as Taormina, to lesser known ones such as Apollonia de Cirene, almost lost in the lands of Libya. Pedro Cano and his brothers arrived there alone, as travelers and explorers from the 19th century, to the Roman theaters.

The theater in the time of Augustus became a symbol of cultural progress in this context, among others, the theater of Ostia Antica, Leptis Magna or the theaters of Mérida, Cartagena and Malaga, gathered now in this exhibition "Theaters of Pedro Cano". . In the Cartagena theater, Pedro Cano sets his gaze on the powerful stands and the suggestive superposition of the Old Cathedral on the remains of the cavea. The church appears here as a witness to the different constructions that hid the old theater for centuries, which was rediscovered under that popular Fishermen's Quarter toured by the adolescent artist.

The journey narrated by the artist continues through ancient cities of Turkey, Syria, Arabia, among them he shows us his gaze at the immense cavea of ​​the Aspendos theater, or the scenic facade of the Palmyra theater that he draws with ocher tones of a sunrise lived in the place. The huge theater of Bosra highlights its white marble columns from the scene.

The hidden city of the Nabataeans, Petra (Jordan), could not be missing in this odyssey of Pedro Cano through the Mediterranean theaters, his theater with the bleachers sculpted in the reddish rock of the mountain is painted by the artist with the entire range of salmon and reddish.

Consequently, the exhibition “Theaters” by Pedro Cano invites us on a journey across the Mediterranean from Theater to Theater and immerses us with his watercolors in this precious cultural legacy. The artist transfers his sensations to us by breathing the same air, perceiving the same light and being in those corners of the classical world.
An exhibition born from his personal experience and from that direct contact from a young age with classical antiquity, and that we see in many of his works Villa Adriana, Ad Portas, IX Mediterráneas or Pompeii, but also in his notes, manuscripts and travel notebooks, all this the result of many hours of work.

The exhibition opens at the Roman Theater Museum in Cartagena, one of the stops on its special odyssey, which we hope will continue the adventure to other corners of our Mare Nostrum.

This exhibition has been possible thanks to the cooperation of the Fundación Teatro Romano de Cartagena and the Pedro Cano Foundation, with the sponsorship of the Cartagena City Council, the Autonomous Community of Murcia and the Cajamurcia Foundation, as well as the Port Authority and the Iberdrola Foundation.

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