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Exposiciones temporales


  • 08/10/2020 - 30/04/2021

The exhibition shows the visitor the history of the Museum since its inauguration on July 11, 2008, and its future projects. In these twelve years the monumental complex has become an important cultural and tourist reference in the Region of Murcia, both for its number of visitors and for the different recognitions it has had in the national and international sphere, the most prominent being the Gran Europa Nostra Award, in the category of restoration. Since its inauguration, more than 2,000,000 people have passed. In the global average of these years, 70% do so individually and / or family, and 30% in groups, in terms of the origin of the visitors, 48% are national visitors and 52% are foreigners.

The exhibition is divided into three thematic blocks, the first one collects through photographs, some from the Museum's photographic archive, others from Díaz Burgos, José Albaladejo or José Gabriel Gómez, the evolution of the Museum after its inauguration.

The second block is dedicated to future projects and the current state of knowledge of the post scaenam porticus, said space is located at the back of the scenic building. The Fundación Teatro Romano de Cartagena's future project is to undertake the archaeological excavations of this space and its enhancement. For the interventions carried out between 1999 and 2006, its architecture is broadly known. It is a large public space with a quadrangular floor plan, with a double gallery that surrounds a central landscaped space, planned in the same construction process as the Roman theater building.

The outer gallery that surrounds the central square is built with Ionic capitals on a continuous podium, while the inner one has a colonnade crowned with Corinthian capitals that separated both naves, and was closed by a powerful wall of ashlars, on whose side flanks Two semicircular exedras were arranged preceded by two columns creating an excellent scenographic resource, regardless of the tectonic value they might have.

The material used in its construction, unlike what happens on the scenic front, is fundamentally sandstone, both in the architectural elements; capitals, shafts, bases and entablature, as in the walls.

The portico, in addition to its utilitarian function at the service of the theater and as a place of expansion and recreation, was also a suitable space for the promotion of local elites and the imperial family.

The third block is dedicated to the mural painting located in the intervention carried out in the western sector of the portico in 2006, which allowed us to verify the existence of two rooms that divided the interior gallery, whose collapse levels presented a rich pictorial program. Future projects intend to restart the excavations in this sector, complete the extraction of the wall paintings that were protected on the pavement of the rooms as well as expand the excavation towards the central area of ​​the portico, which has not been investigated until now. .

The ultimate goal is to complete the understanding of the Roman theater by investigating the rear portico, undertaking its restoration and enhancement, as well as completing the urban and heritage recovery of this sector of the city.

The tour through the graphic panels of the exhibition is surrounded by the display in showcases of some plates with mural painting, one decorated with fictitious architecture and the other with concentric floral and geometric medallions, in whose central area the figurative motif of a griffin appears. Other cladding materials are also exhibited such as hexagonal slabs of Phrygian or Palombino marble corresponding to the paving of the galleries, as well as pieces molded in Carrara marble from the ornamentation of the baseboards of the walls of the same.

Temporary Exhibition Hall of the Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena
Museum of the Roman Theater of Cartagena
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 9
30201 Cartagena, Murcia (Spain)
Telephone: (+34) 968 504 802

Fundación Teatro Romano de Cartagena:
Ayuntamiento of Cartagena
Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia
Fundación Caja Murcia
Fundación Iberdrola


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