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Partner companies

Corporate friend

Institutions, companies and associations sustain our heritage legacy adhering to the Program of Friends of the Museum in the form of Corporate Amigo. The contribution of your company can help preserve and disseminate the monumental Roman Theater and its collections. To the satisfaction of helping us preserve and publicize our museum better the image of a company closely linked to the world of Culture joins.

Spain's Iberdrola Foundation and the Roman Theater in Cartagena have signed a collaboration agreement in 2015 whereby the electric company, through its foundation, will support the development of artistic and educational activities by this entity.

This initiative is a further demonstration of the involvement of Spain Iberdrola Foundation culture and its growing commitment to the region of Murcia.
The Roman Theater Foundation has carried out all activities relating to conservation, restoration, enhancement and presentation of the Roman Theater in Cartagena, and their management in the cultural, administrative, technical and economic, the Museum of Roman Theater in Cartagena, seeking promoting cultural museum, through exhibitions, publications, events, and promoting their dissemination within and outside the Autonomous Region of Murcia.

In this work now is the support and collaboration of the Iberdrola Foundation for these activities whose priority the collection and Monument, and functions around it are performed, such as research, conservation, exhibition, educational and dissemination of the Museum.


Since 2005 the company Saras Energy signed a first agreement with the Teatro Romano Cartagena Foundation, which was renewed annually until 2012.

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