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The recovery of the Roman Theater in Cartagena , funded by the Foundation Teatro Romano, has seen the integration of the remains into the urban fabric and its proper preservation and exhibition of educational and cultural purposes. In addition , the considerable wealth of the pieces found during subsequent excavations at the Teatro has created a new museum space, the Mvseo the Roman Theater.

The Mvseo not only suitable exhibition frame, if not in the brilliant conception of the architect Rafael Moneo , can lead visitors from the Town Hall Square to the interior of the monument.

With the entrance in front of the Palace Hall, the Mvseo is divided into two separate buildings connected by an underground corridor that leads to incorporate Palacio Pascual Riquelme and an archaeological corridor under the Church of Santa Maria la Vieja, turning the theater into the final and most important piece of Mvseo.

The palace was renovated in 1908 by architect T. Rico Valarino, starting from a pre - existing building, enhances the building with the addition of a plant, emphasizing in its facade the mixtilíneas moldings that top, typical of Catalan modernism and the zinc dome is covered with one of the angles.

Shield. Century XVIII. Embedded in the facade one arches that elevate the dome of the tower, a shield of white marble is inserted, with the emblems of the lineage of the Garre (tree and a rampant lion) and García de Caceres (three herons with wings deployed arranged on a castle); These families come together during the sixteenth century, and their descendants emparentan in the nineteenth century with family Pascual de Riquelme.

Museum Building section

Museum Building section

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