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Archaeological corridor

El Corredor Arqueológico del Teatro

Archaeological Corridor Theater


Mvseo connection with the monument is done through an underground corridor beneath the church of Santa Maria. In its route we have the opportunity to know the evolution of the temple by the vision of its foundation, which from the thirteenth to the nineteenth mark the course.

In the itinerary you can also see a section of the wall of Islamic medina, and additions that are made after the Christian conquest of the city, structures that combine with the remains of a pre - Roman housing construction theater, show a well - planned urban linked to an area of residential character that extended along the northern slope of Cerro de la Concepción, from the late second century BC, and was written off by the construction of the Roman Theater.

Once the corridor ended, a metal walkway attached to the outer face of the Church leads us to the theater; since she can see the last major expansion of the religious building, carried out by large walls that rest and break in some cases the remains of the building shows; in numerous architectural construction and construction elements used in Roman times. During the brief and intense tour of the basement of the church, its foundations become a direct witness to the understanding of a part of the history of the temple and the city itself.

The Roman Theater

At the end of the tour you enter the Roman Theater. Output leads to a corridor walkway linking directly with the circulation corridor separating ima and media cavea.

Link to Roman Theater

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