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The Roman Theater Museum has a library located on the second floor of reception, administration and research Mvseo (Pascual Riquelme building). The room has 28 workstations, equipped each with light and connections to electricity and Internet, and 20 positions consultation organized into four workbenches circular, with five places read each and free access to 3,000 volumes.

The formation of the Library responds to very specific objectives pursued by the creation of a specialist in archeology with an intensification of Roman architecture center as well as in various areas of knowledge closely related as history, restoration, museology, architecture and art.

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 10 to 14,00h, August closed

Rules of access and use of space

  • Access to the library is reserved for all those people who are doing research on materials of the same funds. This requires a request shall be completed, explaining the reasons for the consultation and subjects or topics of interest. use as study room is completely excluded.
  • Backpacks, handbags, briefcases, wallets etc, shall be deposited in the places indicated for that purpose.
  • Being a shared space should be kept silent maximum possible; mobile phones should be kept in silent mode.
  • Once the query documents are deposited in the counter indicated purpose.
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