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Interior accessibility

An important effort has been made in the Cartagena Roman Museum and Theatreto ensure full accessibility to this important monumental complex.

The Cartagena Roman Theatre, built in the 1st century BC, was not accessible in its day, but today thanks to the excellent idea of ​​the architect that connected the museum with the monument, it has a route without architectural barriers. Visitors access the Museum by a pedestrianised plaza, and the route can be accessed by both escalators and a wheelchair-accessible lift.

There are also:
  • Disabled-access toilets
  • Provision of wheelchairs
  • Audio-visual and interactive media with subtitles
  • Audio markers within the museum for the blind
  • Video/guide markers with sign language
The installation of more than 50 markers, in the form of simple posters along the Museum's route, which are detected by an app that can be installed on a mobile phone, warn of possible obstacles or the distance to displays, as well as offering information on each room and the Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum’smost outstanding pieces.

All this allows people with visual impairments to move completely independently throughout the Museum using the mobile app NaviLens systemwhich can be downloadedfree of charge from App Store and Google Play.

In addition, six of these markers have video/guide inserts in sign language, making it possible to follow the museum tour with ease. The video/guide is accessed through the mobile app NaviLens Go, which can be downloaded free of charge from App Store and Google Play.

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