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  • 06/07/2017 - 01/01/2099

The recovery of the Roman Theater in Cartagena, can make available to schoolchildren and their teachers, an abundant and rich archaeological material from Roman times, which will give us a very complete vision of urbanism at that time.
Through these archaeological remains, we can make a historic trip to the Roman past of the city, seeing its urban structure, buildings, functions and locations, allowing us to get a comprehensive understanding of the city at such an important time in our ancient history .
The workshop aims knowledge of ancient Carthago Nova from building a mock -up of 63 pieces, whose union forms an ideal Roman city with its walls, necropolis, administrative and religious buildings, buildings show, etc.

The use of the teaching model serves to realize all these aspects, creating an ideal city that helps link the main buildings and their function remains preserved in the city and the Museum of the Roman Theater itself.

Once the activity in the classroom teaching the tour will start by the Museum and Roman Theater.

The urban structure of the city in Roman times. The two main roads of the city, Cardo and Decumano.
The walls and gates of the city. Civil and religious buildings forum. Buildings for shows and public buildings.
The houses of the Roman city (insulae and domus). Necropolis.

Explanation of the elements of the Roman city by a museum technician at the didactic classroom with viewing of a power-point and performing a puzzle / model of the Roman city. The workshop is completed with a guided visit to the Museum and at the same Roman theater in the city.

Students from 5th and 6th EP, 1st- and 2nd ESO

A group class, which in no case may reach 30 students.

The activity will take place from Tuesday to Friday, with a duration of 1,30h

968 50 48 02 968 50 00 93
student Price: 4 €

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