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  • 05/05/2021 - 21/07/2021

The Museum of the Roman Theater in collaboration with the Summer Courses of the UPCT 2021 has organized a course on Cultural Heritage of Cartagena: City and Territory, which will be held from July 19 to 21 in the Assembly Hall of the Museum of the Roman Theater.

In this course, the Cultural Heritage of Cartagena will be approached from the perspective of the relationship between the City and the Territory. This approach has become in recent years the preferred field of action in many regions since they consider cultural and natural assets as instruments for the differentiation and characterization of the place, that is why we will begin the sessions by addressing the paleontological wealth of region, following for its cultural values, where the Bay of Cartagena, becomes an essential point since its port and its geographical position have been the reason for the City throughout history.

In the course we will delve into the latest advances on the ancient topography of Cartagena, as well as the relations of the city with the territory, incorporating the productive and recreational spaces in the case of the Roman Villa of Portmán. We will also focus on the evolution of the port front in modern and contemporary times, and on the history of its industry and the people of the coast. Among them, several examples will be analyzed of how the inventory of heritage resources has constituted the starting point of heritage projects such as the case of Águilas, and the Murcia Rio project, both examples encompass large areas of the territory, including landscape and cultural values diverse, historical and social.
Finally, other novelties will also be shown, such as the renovation project of the port area, Plaza Mayor de Cartagena, or the collections of the New Isaac Peral Museum.


Monday July 19
9.00-10.30: The richness and diversity of the Paleontological Heritage of the southeast of the peninsula. Gregorio Romero Sánchez. Head of the Historical Heritage Service of the General Directorate of Cultural Assets. Ministry of Education and Culture.
11.00-12.30h: A singular Topography. Cartagena in Antiquity. Sebastián F. Ramallo Asensio. Professor of Archeology at the University of Murcia.
12.30-14.00h: Carthago Nova: City and Territory. Antonio Murcia Muñoz. Roman Theater Museum Cartagena.
5:00 pm to 6:00 pm: A trip back in time: the Roman Theater Museum in Cartagena. Elena Ruiz Valderas. Director of the Roman Theater Museum.
18.30-20.30h: visit to the Roman Theater of Cartagena

Tuesday 20 July
9.00-10.30h: The town of La Huerta del Paturro (Portmán). A maritime village in the Carthago Nova territory. Alicia Fernández Díaz. Professor of Archeology at the University of Murcia.
11.00-12.30h: Heritage and territory. Eagles and the sea as a catalyst for its historical evolution. Juan de Dios Hernández García. Director of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Águilas.
12.30 -14.00h: The port of Cartagena and the coastal towns of the coast, 19th to 20th centuries. Cristina Roda Alcantud. Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Murcia
17.30-20.00h: A new route from the Curia to the Baths. The new Museum of the Roman Forum. Research and intervention team. María José Madrid Balance. Archaeologist, director of the Archaeological Excavations of Molinete. Izaskun Martínez Peris. Restorer, technical direction of conservation and archaeological restoration of El Molinete.

Wednesday July 21
9.00-10.30: The new Isaac Peral Museum. The collections. Diego Quevedo Carmona. Investigator and Lieutenant of the Navy.
11.00-12.30h: The Spanish Reales Arsenales Ilustrados as a cultural landscape that crosses borders. The Real Arsenal of Cartagena and its area of ​​influence a cultural landscape to protect. María Jesús Peñalver. Dra. Architect. Professor of Architecture at the UPCT.
12.30-14.00: 12.30-14.00: “The window of the sea: study of development of uses and landscape integration in the seafront. Plaza Mayor of Cartagena ”. José Manuel Chacón, and Enrique de Andrés, Architects.
17.00-18.30h: The city and the territory: Murcia Río, a cultural landscape project.
Jesús López López. Murcia City Council Architect, Technical Deputy Director for urban planning
7:00 pm to 8:00 pm: Round Table: The city and its territory, challenges for the enhancement of Cultural Heritage.

Vice-Rector's Office for Students, Culture and Sports
Phone: 968 33 88 18
Code: 53234
Date: July 19-21, 2021
Place: Assembly hall of the Roman Theater Museum of Cartagena.
Hours: From 9.00 to 14.00 and from 16.30 to 20.30
Course: 25 teaching hours
Number of Credits: 2.5 LRU - 1 ECTS
Address: Elena Ruiz Valderas

Enrollment rules: To enroll is It is necessary to register through the Upct website. Enrollment and attendance (80% mandatory) gives the right to obtain the corresponding accrediting diploma.
Registration at:

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